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Director / Project Manager

LBP & Trade Qualified Builder

After starting out in the building industry for some work experience during the holidays and afterschool circa 1999 Haris gained a passion for carpentry and craftsmanship, he then went on to secure a position as an apprentice working for a well-known company doing high end architectural residential/light commercial and renovations, Haris’ potential was recognised and was quickly made foreman after three years into his apprenticeship and managed a small team of builders doing various, complex projects. 


After completing his apprenticeship, he gained some very valuable problem solving and project management skills and experience on various building sites before he set up Goodwin Construction Limited in 2007 – and at the time became one of the youngest business members accepted by CBANZ. 


Goodwin Construction has since completed hundreds of projects and gained an excellent reputation, including its success in many high level and complex projects.   


When not working Haris enjoys boating and spending time with his wife Stephanie and their three girls. 


Admin & Marketing
Graphic Designer

Stephanie is a qualified Graphic Designer and helps with the design and marketing side of the business  as well as keeping on top of the admin and Mum to three beautiful girls aged 4,8 & 10.


Goodwin Construction has a great team of builders made up of Foreman, Qualified builders and apprentices.

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