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Blockhouse bay Deck and outdoor living

This was a large deck with multi levels following the contour of the land stairs with a lovely landscaped garden


New kitchen

This was an old 60s Kitchen removed and replaced with a complete new layout and design with marble granite benchtop and LED strip lighting


New deck

This old deck structure was showing signs of aging and  was replaced like for like using new treated framing and vitex decking


New Bathroom

This was a well-used old bathroom fully keeping same layout with a few minor adjustments and a level entry shower.



Small ensuite level entry shower and wall hung toilet and vanity


Large deck and outdoor area ours

There was a large rock garden removed and replace with a raised garden/retaining new lawn levelled out and deck


New cedar gates and louvres


Insitu curved concrete wall

This was formed out of 150x50 RS timber with tie rods it was a challenge to form the arc of wall and have garage door slide in front.

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